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Information, Communication And Technology (ICT)

Massudilawe & Partners Is Involved In Many Types Of Telecommunications Related Legal Consulting, Legal Opinion And Telecommunication Contract. One Of Our Firm’s Experience Is Advising The Regulatory Framework For Activities Such As Legal Consultant, Has Been A Member Of Team Expert On Establishment Study, Experiencing Sources For Study On Cyber Regulation, Sources For Establishment Material Guidance On WTO Forum In Field Of Post And Telecommunication Sector, A Member Of Telecommunication Law Expert On Telecommunications Dispute Settlement Study, And A Member Of Telecommunication Law Expert On Spectrum Frequency And Orbit Satellite Regulation Study.

Palm Plantation

For The Past Decade, Massudilawe & Partners Has Actively Been Assisting In Land Dispute, Labor Issues And Licensing In The Palm Plantation Business Sector, Majoring Foreign Direct Investment Corporations. We Handle Client’s Plantations Throughout Kalimantan And Sumatra Areas, With Its Headquarters Based In Jakarta. Our Law Firm Works Closely And Directly In The Plantation As Well As Cooperating With Local Authorities.


Massudilawe & Partners Law Firm Has Built Its Reputation On Winning Lawsuits And It Has A Large Portfolio Of Private Law And Criminal Law Concerning Intellectual Property Rights Infringements, Deception, Embezzling, Forging And Breach Of Contract. The Firm Also Provides Litigation Assessments And Consultations Concerning The Status Of On Progress Lawsuits.

Land and Property

The Construction And Real Estate Business Sector Has Been Significantly Expanded In Indonesia For The Past Years, Our Practice Focuses On Providing Professional Legal Advices, Represent Lenders, Construction Contractors, Developers, And Other Project Participants. The Deliverables Are To Include Purchase, Sale And Development Of Real Estate As Well As In The Procurement Of Construction Contracts.

Business Law

Lawyers At Massudilawe & Partners Are Considered As Qualified Business Lawyer Who Understand The Needs Of The Business Community, And They Continuously Push For Attention To Details And In-Depth Knowledge Of The Particularities Of Each Business Transaction. The Firm Has A Thriving Corporate Department Advising On General Corporate And Financial Issues. We Act As An Advisor On Consumer Protection Matters And Assures The Compliance Of Its Corporate Clientele With Consumer Protection Laws, Restructuring And Financing, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Mergers And Acquisitions, Reallocation Of Economic Interests, Preferred Shares. This To Include Conducting And Delivering Due Diligence Missions And Provides Reliable Reports On The Corporate Legal Standing And The Corporate Governance Issues. Our Lawyers Have An Extensive Education That Allows Them To Deal With Markets Needs In Term Of Competition, Import And Export Treaties And Advice On Virtually All Contractual Relationship.

Foreign Exchange, Stock Market And Options

Foreign Exchange, Stock Market And Options Are The New Trend For Trade And Business Today. So On, These Trends Are More Infringement Than Its Development Consequences. Our Practice In This Field Is Focusing In License Arrangement, Regulation Advisory, Investigation And Litigation Related To Foreign Exchange, Stock Market And Options, Empowering Our Client’s Business Objectives.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights Regime Are Increasingly More Delighted For Trade And Business Today. So On, These Regime Are More Infringement Than Its Development Consequences. Our Focus Practice In This Intellectual Property Rights Matters Are Services Our Clients In Advisory, Investigation And Litigation Related To Intellectual Property Rights Such As Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, Layout Design Of Integrated Circuit And Industrial Design.

Banking And Financing

Our Services Are Tailored To Respond To The Investment Banking Community Legal And Financial Needs, Advise And Represents Owners, Developers, Investment Funds, Lenders And Underwriters In The Acquisition, Development, Ownership, Financing, And Securitization Of Financing Assets. We Have Extensive Experience In Investment As Well As Pension Fund And Other Major Infrastructural Projects.

Pension Funds

Providing Professional Legal Advices For Pension Fund Institutions Through A Comprehensive Legal Assistance Of Its Fund Management Accordingly To Applicable Regulation, Implementation Of Pension Fund Regulation In Regards To Labour Law, Portfolio, And Its Risk Management, Including Handling Dispute Resolution Between Pension Fund Institutions.